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 Music News :     Concert ֡ ꤡ ѭѵ   2 .. 51    

Concert ͺ 繡ѹͧҡ
͡ҡ Blackhead

-Mr.Smiley (keyboard) پշ-Peter O (bass) , ͺ Ыѹ, ѷ (The Must), ѹ & ǹ The Lamp, 쿹ѡͧ§٧ҡ The Rain վ 蹤Ҫ繾Ըաêǧá¤Ѻ

ҹѹ & The Lamp ŧؤ 70s 蹴 شʹҡ ҿѧʴҡҡѺǹ ... èӪŧҧҺ͡¹ФѺ (ҾǹҴٴº͡ŧ¹ФѺ )^__^

ٴҡ仹Դ֧ ҾСѹѺ ^__^

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