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 Music News :     MAHAJAK MID-YEAR SALE 2019! ͻ    17 .. 62    

MAHAJAK MID-YEAR SALE 2019! ͻ ա ѺԹùѧ JBL, SHURE, Soundcraft, dbx, Crown, BSS Martin !!

ѷ Ҩѡôͻ ӡѴ Ѵ໭˭ҧաѺ MAHAJAK MID-YEAR SALE 2019 ա Ѻ 4 FREE! ѹ ͫԹҤú 25,000 ҷ Ѻ! JBL Clip3 Shure PGA58-LC / ͫԹҤú 50,000 ҷ Ѻ! JBL Flip4 Shure SM58S / ͫԹҤú 75,000 ҷ Ѻ! JBL Bar Studio Soundcraft Notepad-8FX / ͫԹҤú 100,000 ҷ Ѻ! Harman Kardon Go Play Mini Soundcraft Notepad-8FX + Shure SM58S ѹ 30 Զع¹ 62 ҹ! ҹ᷹˹·ǻ Ҩѡ÷ءҢ

ͺ´ ѷ Ҩѡôͻ ӡѴ . 02-256-0020

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