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 Music News :     Plini live In Bangkok   14 .. 62    

Plini Sunhead Tour
Plini live In Bangkok on March 4, 2019 at De Commune

Tickets on sales now!
Early Bird 1,200 Baht (Concert only)
1,800 Baht (Concert Tix plus Masterclass Guitar Clinic) limited for only 40 attendees.
Door 1,800 Baht

Tickets on sales at Indy Pop Concerts Tel. 085-060-4120, pls deposit at Kasikorn bank ; account # 7712-123-731 ; account name : Teravut Vatanapratepakorn. Send deposit slip to inbox with your name and address. EMS mail add 50 Baht and Metal Quest - # 116, 3rd floor At Palladium mall Tel.081-703-8980

1,800 Baht tickets for Concert and masterclass guitar clinic can purchase at Ind Pop only.

ѵ Early bird Ҥ 1,200 ҷ Ҥ 1,800 Ѻѵä͹쵺ǡ Masterclass guitar clinic ӹǹӡѴ§ 40
˹ҧҹѵҤ 1,500 ҷ

ѵը˹· Indy Pop Concerts .085-060-4120
ѵը˹· Metal Quest ͧŢ 116 3 ҧ . 081-703-8980 Indy Pop EMS 50 ҷѺѵ÷˹ҧҹ¤ ͹ԹҺѭոҤáԡ ҢҶྪú 17 ͹¸ز Ѳзջ Ţѭ 7712-123-731 Ի͹Թ Inbox ͹ʡз

ѵҤ 1,800 Ѻѵä͹쵺ǡ Masterclass guitar clinic 觫 Indy Pop ҹ

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