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 Music News :     Chris Botti Live In Bangkok 2012    11 .. 55    

Chris Botti ͷ Contemporary ʹѧؤ աѧѺ˹䫴蹡ѺŻԹҡҨ Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, Joni Mitchell, Sting ŻԹաҡ Դ͹쵷ҧҡ ѹ 8 ѹҤ ·դ ͹

駹Ѵҧ Maximage 繼 Chris Botti Renee Olstread ѡͧ§շҵǨѺҡա˹觷ҹؤ ѡդú ͡ҡѧŻԹ Ҩ Ѵ д, д á , çԷ 觹س AF Open Act Ƿǡѹ

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